The Atom in Eve

All that I see
and all that I know
of this strange world
is cast upon the tiniest
shoulders of the one
who is in everything
and who is everything:
who meets and then transcends
my newly mortal comprehension.

If I could understand,
I might control this tiny giant,
manipulate it at will;
play with it as a child with a toy,
mesmerized with the pleasure
of watching this magic creature
move before my eyes.

If I could understand,
I could determine at a whim
what the rest of the world
sees when it looks upon me,
by coaxing this tiny giant
into compliance with my desires.

I would be the one guest
at a planetary masquerade
for whom nothing is as it appears,
and all is fair game for suggestion.

Claire Juno, © 2012

…with a respectful nod to Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist