Ever notice how
the first time you hear
a song you like,
it seems to last forever,
as though it possesses
some Einsteinian ability
to expand time?

And then,
as you listen to it
over and over,
like a lovelorn woman
replaying a Jane Austen movie
or a fresh addict chasing
his first high, driven by
your animalistic appetite,
the song seems to become
more and more compressed,
again as if by some
quantum strangeness.

Until at last
it is just a tiny capsule
of sounds,
like astronaut food—
utilitarian in a way,
but all of that texture and
flavor and intensity
that first fixated you is lost
in the mindless repetition

All you can do now
is put it away,
forget you found it,
hope you haven’t ruined it,
get help if you need it,
and trust that some future day
you can dust if off and rediscover
the joy of distraction and fantasy
that you so desperately desired.

Claire Juno, © 2012