Warps That Change Everything

As Copernicus whispered,
You are not the center of the Universe
after all.

You may be suspended among strings,
like a marionette of the cosmos—
but if the only way to know your place
is through destruction, we are all left
to guess at your context.

Force is just an illusion
and you have fallen under a spell
of your own skewed visions,
not seeing that true power
has eluded you once more.

If only you realized
that your world did not end
with the greater spheres,
you might pack your home
upon your back and fly off
to warmer climes with fiery stars
and pale moons.

But it is all or nothing with you,
and you chase the horizon
to find only dust on your hands
and a hope that dodges your quest
to understand.

How would you go about orchestrating
your own private universe?
No sooner do you pose the question
in your mind, than it dawns on you—
your limits— your clumsy trail of thoughts—
your empty pockets.

The secret is miniscule
and yet tantalizingly difficult
for the greedy, the faithless
and the fervent alike.

Claire Juno, © 2012