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Late Bloomer

You were late, though I hardly minded,
as distracting as it was to see you
press your way out of your green sheath
and uncoil those layers, deep pink,
even as an early autumn frost threatened
to nip at your slender tropical petals.

I realize your delayed appearance
has nothing to do with your desire
to bloom, nor your ability to captivate me,
along with the curious hummingbirds
and sparring cabbage moths.

No, I understand it took some time
to catch up after someone mowed you down
in his ignorance, leaving you stubby and broken,
reaching with shredded leaves to soak up
any sunlight you could claim, and
claw your way back toward the sky.

A broken beauty,
though nobody would know it,
to look at you.

Claire Juno, © 2014



I show up,
waiting for you
to show up.
Waiting for
that brilliance
to waft through
the garden air,
redolent with
greenery and
flying things.

I have learned,
with time,
not to expect
anything, but
to extend the
just the same.

A petal falls
from a rose
that is fading
in the heat. I am
a solitary witness.
And still I wait.

A chipmunk
rests on a fence
and this is
a first for me,
as I have never
actually seen
a chipmunk
rest anywhere,
at any time,
for any reason.

A mosquito
happily fastens
itself to my neck.
When the breeze
shifts slightly, he
finds his way
to another
reluctant host.

I sip my tea.
It’s not bad,
but I should have
picked a different
flavor. It will take
a month to finish
an entire box of it
and that’s
a lot of trips
to the garden,
looking as usual
for you
to alight upon
my sleeve like a
metallic blue beetle,
odd in its beauty
and beautiful
in its oddness,
goading me on
to include it somehow
in whatever comes next,
what falls to paper.

Claire Juno, © 2013