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I am alone in this garden.
Alone with this pain.

I have told you before
how everyone has left me,
all have turned their backs,
all have chosen blindness
for the immunity it affords.
They are cut off from
their compassion.

There is no one to hide me away
from those who wish me harm,
who hate me without cause,
other than their sickness.

And I come to you with nothing left,
with empty hands, with a heart
weighed down by isolation and dread
and by the darkness itself, which seems
deep enough to snuff out my cries.
I know what is coming.

What I have already borne
is too heartbreaking. Though I am
strong and sturdy, the betrayal has
weakened me, has slowed my feet,
garbled my words.

I am afraid.

I have no one I can trust.
My sweat is tinged the color
of these roses in front of me
as I sit in this garden,
feeling unwell and uncertain
and small; powerless to deter
what must overtake me
to fulfill something greater
than myself.

The pain makes my head feel
as if it would burst, and the tears
that stream down offer no respite.
There is no one coming to aid me,
is there. You can hear me but
you do not help me, as much
as it hurts you to see me in this state.

We both agreed to this once upon a time.
Only we underestimated something.
We had no idea what it would actually
feel like to be here among them,
to become one of them. To nurse
from a breast, to learn to use our legs
and form words with our mouths,
to see blood spring from a scraped knee.

To see the sunrise as one of them,
to know friendship as they give and receive it.
To feel the warmth of a fire, an animal;
of brotherhood, of working side by side
until some work is accomplished.

To feel a fever, a lump in the throat,
our stomachs stirring with hunger.
To know the feeling of cool water on our
bodies. To know how they feel, and
what they feel, when they feel anything
in their world.

And now you’ve had me here,
building a life, an occupation, a purpose,
for some time. Enough context to make
the ending even more exquisitely
painful than we already anticipated
it would be.

This has become too complicated,
too wrought with attachments.
And I am certain now the torment
well under way will be unbearable.
It is too much.

That is all I can say
on this horrible night.
Words are escaping me now,
and my heart won’t stop pounding.
It has brought me little peace
to speak honestly to you, to make
my feelings known, in spite of the forces
already at work against me.

I know I am loved,
I know there will be an end
to my suffering, my fear and despair,
and that is all I have in this dark moment.

Claire Juno, © 2015


The intention of this writing is rooted in empathy, wondering what this experience could have been like, to the best that I can understand it.



He spirals down like a leaf,
disconnected from all sustenance,
destined for the ground.

There is no fighting it now,
his body gliding effortlessly
through the night air
which shifts just enough
to soften the inevitability
of his fall.

Little by little, whatever he used to be
drops away, in resignation to his descent.

His form is a stranger now
to anyone who might be
looking for him under bridges,
or by the river.

This coming undone
is without witness, lost in a sea
with nameless others who share his fate
on an otherwise ordinary Thursday.

Something numbs him
as he slowly slips; an ironic gift
in his torment, like a pane of glass
before his trembling hands,
allowing him to see the world
as though it were his own,
though tonight it lies
cruelly beyond his reach.

Claire Juno, © 2014

…written with compassion for the struggle so many face with depression,
and with love for my brother, who is trying again to survive the undertow.
May God be with the nameless and the known tonight.


The clean room returns
to a comfortable mess,
the dishes return to the sink;
the visions of future plans
fall back to the dismal present
when I take enough time to think.

The rabbit gets back to procreating,
the skunk gets back to its stink;
the hopes of vindication
fade into these four walls
when I take enough time to think.

The wanderer keeps on wandering,
the liar crafts new lies;
when I think I’m progressing
I see only deprivations
each morning I open my eyes.

Claire Juno, © 2013

…dedicated to someone who struggles tonight.