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I would like to suggest
a method of undoing this mess
that will rewind our errors
and erase every possible pain
we have caused each other.

First, I will give your watch back
and you, mine, to return the time
we took from each other,
moment by moment, for years.
It seems you took more from me
than I from you, judging by
the disparate sizes.

Nevertheless, we’ll call it even.

We can then backpedal
and somehow, from this
implacable position, move
forward in our evolution
as two distinctly separate
and wholly unrelated

shifting from fossil
to relic to our vintage selves,
until at last we are amiable
babies playing on the floor,
and not arch enemies
possessing horrible secrets
about each other, drunk
with the dark power
this knowledge imparts.

We can pretend
that the sanguine birds
we once kept in a pedestal cage
were actually tiny dinosaurs
thirsting for blood and quietly
resenting their dish of seeds;
and the dragonfly that died
on the window ledge
was the world’s first biplane;
and we two, lone witnesses
to its epic crash.

Claire Juno, © 2017


The Atom in Eve

All that I see
and all that I know
of this strange world
is cast upon the tiniest
shoulders of the one
who is in everything
and who is everything:
who meets and then transcends
my newly mortal comprehension.

If I could understand,
I might control this tiny giant,
manipulate it at will;
play with it as a child with a toy,
mesmerized with the pleasure
of watching this magic creature
move before my eyes.

If I could understand,
I could determine at a whim
what the rest of the world
sees when it looks upon me,
by coaxing this tiny giant
into compliance with my desires.

I would be the one guest
at a planetary masquerade
for whom nothing is as it appears,
and all is fair game for suggestion.

Claire Juno, © 2012

…with a respectful nod to Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist