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Going Home

If you ever lose your way
and need to find home again,
just look up—

the sky will speak to you
in cloud language,
and the stars will wink
every time you make
the right turn.

You are getting closer.

If you ever lose your way
and want to return,
all you have to do is remember
everything that happened
up until this very moment,
but remember them in reverse
until you are a child again
and cannot possibly be lost
because you have found yourself
at last.

And that is all
you were looking for
to begin with, isn’t it?

Claire Juno, © 2017


Melancholy’s Baby

I was a glimmering remnant,
a moon sliver she clung to
in the dark void.

I was all that remained
of her innocence and hope,
of her diaphanous love
seeping through the disrepair
of everything that mattered,
though in the end
it altered nothing—
a useless ether.

I was a bookmark,
a singular point
of goodness and perfection
along a fading timeline
well-worn and stained
with tears and wine.

Every investment in her
tenuous future
seemed to sit squarely
on my shoulders
as I marched—
some heroic ambassador
for her desperate country,
even as she secretly entertained
thoughts of self-exile.

Claire Juno, © 2012


…dedicated to my mother