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Going Home

If you ever lose your way
and need to find home again,
just look up—

the sky will speak to you
in cloud language,
and the stars will wink
every time you make
the right turn.

You are getting closer.

If you ever lose your way
and want to return,
all you have to do is remember
everything that happened
up until this very moment,
but remember them in reverse
until you are a child again
and cannot possibly be lost
because you have found yourself
at last.

And that is all
you were looking for
to begin with, isn’t it?

Claire Juno, © 2017


The Runaway

No room for error
when you’ve kicked up
all the rocks that led you home.
You’re on your own now.

One by one
you knocked the stars out
until all you were left with
was a handful of gravel
and an absent sky.

It’s what you do
the night it dawns on you
that the stars
can’t do a damn thing
and you have to take it out
on someone.

Sorry for what you’ve done,
you toss the rocks into the air
and run, and when you look
back, you see them floating
up and up, into the black void

Claire Juno, © 2012